The winner of the prestigious 'Viewer's Choice of The Year' and 'Design of the Year' awards, the i20 is all set to sweep you off your feet once again. In an all-new avatar showcasing the best blend of designing techniques and technology, this four wheeled beauty has a multitude of features like the character lines on the hood and side profile, wide air dam and flared wheel arches. No wonder then that the i20 is the hottest thing on wheels.
The all-new Hyundai i20 is the epitome of the modern luxury compact. Sharp and stylish on the outside, spacious and versatile inside, it combines comfort, safety and reliability in a package that is most alluring.

Rest assured, the i20 is your faithful ally in all safety matters. It is one of the safest cars in the market. All thanks to the engineering integrity that went into its suspension, braking and body structure. And to the security devices that reduce injuries in case of an accident.

Confirmation of these qualities is the prestigious Euro NCAP 5 Star rating awarded to the i20, which is the highest safety rating and also the first for any car produced in India.

Intelligent design has created a car with an airy interior and lots of space. More than that its vast space generates practical and versatile solutions to different traveling requirements. Like the eye-catching exterior, the inside is superbly designed and beautifully put together using top quality materials. With high levels of comfort and numerous convenience features, the i20 has the capacity to cocoon you on your journey through the rigours of the modern world.

Euro NCAP 5 Star

The i20 was awarded the prestigious European National Car Assessment Programme 5 star rating which is the highest rating and also the first for any car produced in India. The i20 scored exceptionally well on all four parameters of the NCAP safety test - adult occupancy, child protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist.

Viewer's Choice Car of the Year & Design of the Year

The i20’s superiority in terms of styling, desirability, interior space & design, engine performance, value for money and suitability won it the prestigious CNBC TV 18- Overdrive ‘Viewer’s Choice of the Year 2010’ award. The i20 was awarded the prestigious NDTV Profit Car & Bike ‘Best Design of the Year 2010’ award for it's great styling and unique looks.