Known famously for value for money small cars, Hyundai has made a tremendous progress in quality. With a focus on quality, Hyundai Motor Company has set itself the object to be recognised as the worlds' No.1 in quality. The achievement is gained through focus and massive investment and include implementation of activities such as:
  • Establishment of the pilot production centre to improve quality standards.
  • Enforcing stringent quality approval system at each stage from planning to sales.
  • Establishing supplier quality rating system to improve overall quality standards.
  • Adopting of Six-Sigma initiatives, a scientific product quality innovation system to enhance product quality management.
  • "Hot testing" of production models in Australia's own unforgiving outback to ensure durability and reliability.
  • Fortunately, our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Independent quality surveys in the US and Europe reveal that an increasing number of motoring experts and consumers place Hyundai quality at or above many Japanese, American and European manufacturers.
How We Got Serious About Quality
We listened to the voices of our customers, realising the areas where we needed to improve and achieved enhancements beyond everyone's expectations.
Electrical systems: After a considerable overhaul, including new designs and suppliers, we've dramatically improved our electrical systems through the introduction of leading edge materials and design. Automatic transmissions: Setting world class benchmarks for performance inclding power transfer, economy and smoothness.
Body integrity: We've invested heavily in improving our chassis so the cabin is quieter, the brake noise is reduced and the enhanced suspension provides better handling and a smoother ride.
Recognised for Quality
Our commitment to quality has been recognised at home and across the globe in a number of independent and prestigious quality surveys.