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Hyundai Body Paint Service: 5 Common Issues and How We Fix Them?

Cars are an important investment for car owners and therefore, require regular maintenance. The appearance of the car determines the condition and value of the vehicle. However, the exterior of the car is also the most prone to damage.

Over time, car paint gets damaged due to various reasons, including accidents, harsh weather, and environmental elements. But with regular maintenance and servicing, the damage can be avoided or reduced.

Hyundai cars are known for their style and practicality. Over time, the body paint of your vehicle may get damaged. In such situations, it’s essential to get a professional Hyundai paint job to restore the vehicle’s appearance.  

Hans Hyundai authorized service center in Delhi provides quality Hyundai bodypaint service by certified professionals. They use the latest techniques and high-quality products to fix common paint issues. 

5 Common Bodypaint Issues and How We Fix Them at Hyundai BodyShop

Maintaining the appearance of your Hyundai is essential to preserving its value. If there is any damage to the car’s body, it is important to address them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

  • Issue #1: Scratches

One of the most common body paint issues is scratches. They can happen due to a wide range of reasons, such as accidental contact with hard surfaces, rubbing against another car, or even small debris that hit the car’s surface. These scratches can vary in size and severity, from small and shallow to deep and wide. Regardless of their size, scratches can be unsightly and can compromise the car’s resale value.

How We Fix it?

At the Hyundai bodyshop near me, skilled technicians can fix scratches with precision. For small scratches, they touch up with the car’s paint to hide the scratches. For larger and deeper scratches, they use specialized tools to remove the damaged paint layer. Then, they apply a fresh coat of paint to restore the car’s original appearance.


  • Issue #2: Fading

Fading is another common issue that car owners face with the vehicle’s body paint. It happens due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and harsh chemicals. Fading can make the car look old and dull.


How We Fix it?

To fix the issue of fading, the technicians first inspect the extent of the damage. If the fading is not too severe, a polishing compound is used to remove the top layer of faded paint and restore the car’s shine. If the fading is severe, a technique called wet sanding is used to remove the faded paint layers and apply a fresh coat of paint to restore the car’s appearance.


  • Issue #3: Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are more serious issues that can occur due to exposure to environmental elements. These issues can cause structural damage to the vehicle if left untreated. 

How We Fix it?

To fix this issue, the technicians at the Hyundai bodypaint service center remove the damaged paint and rust using a sanding machine. They may then apply a rust inhibitor and then paint a fresh layer. The process is finished off with a clear coat to restore the shine and gloss of the car body. This process can help prevent further rust and corrosion and restore the appearance of the vehicle.


  • Issue #4: Dents 

Dents can be caused by a variety of factors, including collisions or environmental factors. 

How We Fix it?

It can be fixed by using various methods including paintless dent repair. The technician may massage the dent out from the inside of the panel in case of smaller dents. However, in the case of large dents, the dents are filled with a body filler, and the affected area is repainted.


  • Issue #5: Paint Chips

Paint chips are small areas of paint that come off due to various reasons, including stone chips, road debris, and minor accidents. Paint chips can be unsightly and can lead to rust if not fixed promptly. 


How We Fix it?

The Hyundai body paint service center uses a technique called spot repair to fix paint chips. The process involves sanding the affected area down to the metal and cleaning it thoroughly. Then the primer and base coat that matches the color of your vehicle’s original paint is applied. Finally, a clear coat is applied to give the repaired area a smooth and shiny finish. The technician ensures that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the car.   

Hyundai Body Paint Service at Hans Hyundai Service Center

Hans Hyundai Bodyshop in Delhi offers quality services by certified technicians. The trained technicians use state-of-art equipment and technology to ensure quality results!  

Don’t let paint damage ruin the appearance of your Hyundai vehicle. Visit Hans Hyundai Bodyshop near me today and restore the appearance of your Hyundai car! 

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