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Best Time to Exchange Your Used Car With a New Hyundai Car

When maintenance costs are low:  The Best time to Exchange your Used car is after four to five years or within 1,00,000 KM of operation after that, it starts to have issues and needs maintenance. The optimum time to sell it is when the majority of individuals have had loans and extended warranties for about five years. Finding out the current value of your automobile and the expected or immediate repairs and maintenance over the next six to twelve months will help you quickly decide if now is the correct time to sell. It makes little sense to keep the car if the costs total more than it’s worth.

Maintaince are low

When the resale value is high: Importantly, the car loses 50% of its worth after 4-5 years, therefore you should sell it as soon as possible to get a high price when you resell it. The majority of buyers do not want to purchase a vehicle that has been driven more than 50,000–60,000 km or is more than 4-5 years old because of the higher maintenance costs.

Resale value is high - Exchange offer

When usage drops significantly: In the post-Covid workplace, where many companies have chosen to permanently apply the work-from-home policy, you might be better off selling the automobile for a decent price as opposed to letting it sit idle or keeping it for minimal use and allowing its value to decrease. Similarly to this, you might be better off selling your automobile if you’ve moved to a new city or state where you barely use it. So it is advisable to sell your car in order to get the Best price for your Hyundai car.

When affordability falls:  Get rid of your car and replace it with a more fuel-efficient model, like a CNG or an electric one, if your pay cannot keep up with the rising costs of gasoline or diesel, as has been the case in the nation over the past few months. Buying an electric vehicle entitles you to a number of tax breaks and subsidies. State governments provide a variety of financial incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, including reduced parking fees and exemption from registration and road tax.

When affordability falls for car

Model Updates/ Facelifts: Each car model in a manufacturer’s range typically gets an update or facelift every two to three years. Since most recently released automobiles now come equipped with airbags and ABS, many automakers are placing a lot of emphasis on safety. As a result, your three-year-old car may feel a little out of date. New regulations typically result in more regular model updates since environmental authorities are scrutinizing automobiles more closely. Consider yourself a used automobile shopper as well. The majority of us like to get a car that is no older than three to four years old and hasn’t traveled more than 50,000 kilometers.

The Environmental Factor: Cars are unquestionably very complex devices, and occasionally things do go wrong with them. Additional sources of unhappiness include dusty surroundings, poor roads, contaminated fuel, etc. Recently, Delhi was listed as one of the most polluted cities in the world, which gives us a good sense of the quality of the air our cars and trucks breathe on a daily basis. Additionally, if your car strikes a sizable divot in the road, the suspension may be upset, and the steering system may even become out of alignment. All of these elements reduce your car’s worth even more.

environmental factor

Depreciation Hit Your Used Car: Your car loses out on approximately 25 percent of its value as soon as it leaves the showroom floor. However, your car’s value doesn’t depreciate a lot in an initial couple of years or the first 20 thousand km (whichever comes earlier). The second massive depreciation hit comes after 3 to 4 years where you end up losing approximately fifty percent of your car’s value. Recently, NGT (National Green Tribunal) has banned diesel cars that are more than 10 years old. This will further reduce the value of your car as it gets closer to the 10-year mark. So the earlier you sell it, the maximum value you get.

Depreciation hit

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