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Hyundai car service at hans hyundai

Maximize Your Hyundai Lifespan with Exclusive Hyundai Car Service Offers

Hyundai car service is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, reliability, and safety standards of your Hyundai car. 

Hyundai cars are known for their exceptional performance, advanced safety features, and dynamic designs. However, maintaining your Hyundai car is crucial for a safe and satisfying driving experience. 

Regular car service helps to detect and address potential issues early on preventing costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. This proactive approach helps ensure your car operates at optimal levels, providing a smoother and more reliable driving experience. 

Hans Hyundai is an authorized Hyundai service center in Delhi, offering a wide range of comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all Hyundai cars. 

Hans Hyundai brings exclusive Hyundai car service offers to keep your car running smoothly without breaking the bank!

Hyundai car service offers at hans hyundai

Explore Hyundai Car Service Offers at Hans Hyundai Service Center 

Regular servicing is essential to ensuring your Hyundai car performs at its best. 

Hans Hyundai service center offers a comprehensive range of Hyundai car services that are designed to address every aspect of your car’s maintenance. 

Find below the details about the exclusive Hyundai car service offers

1. 40% Discount on Wheel Alignment 

Proper wheel alignment is essential for optimal handling, tire wear, and fuel efficiency. 

With Hans Hyundai’s exclusive service offer, you can now avail a generous 40% discount on wheel alignment services. Their professional technician ensures that your Hyundai car’s wheels are aligned correctly, reducing tire wear and improving the overall performance and safety on the road.

2. 30% Discount on PMS Labour 

Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) is crucial for the longevity of your Hyundai car. It involves a comprehensive check-up, fluid replacement, and other essential maintenance tasks. 

At Hans Hyundai, avail of a 30% discount on PMS labor, making it more affordable for you to keep up with your Hyundai’s maintenance schedule.

3. 25% Discount on Dry Cleaning & Rubbing Polish 

Dry cleaning & rubbing polish help protect your car’s interior and exterior, ensuring its longevity and value.

At Hans Hyundai, get a 25% discount on dry cleaning & rubbing polish services for your Hyundai car. With this exclusive offer, you can save on dry cleaning & polishing services while maintaining your Hyundai’s hygiene and appearance.

4. 15% Discount on Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating provides long-lasting and high-gloss protection against UV rays, scratches, and contaminants. This keeps your Hyundai’s paintwork in pristine condition for years to come.

Hans Hyundai is offering a 15% discount on ceramic coating services. This exclusive offer allows you to save on this premium service while enjoying the benefits of a showroom-worthy finish.

Enhance your Hyundai car’s appearance and protection with a 15 % discount on ceramic coating service, now available at the Hyundai Service Center near me!

5. Free AC Check Up

A fully functional air conditioning system is crucial for your comfort during those hot summer months. Hans Hyundai is offering a free AC check-up to ensure that your Hyundai AC is performing at its best. Their skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system, ensuring that it is in top working condition and ready to keep you cool on your journeys.

By taking advantage of these exclusive Hyundai car service offers, you can avoid costly repairs, extend your car’s lifespan, and keep it running like new for years to come. So, don’t wait! Book your Hyundai car service appointment today and drive with confidence!

Hans Hyundai Service Center Near Me


Hans Hyundai service center is your one-stop destination for all your Hyundai car maintenance and repair needs. Their team of expert technicians is dedicated to providing exceptional care and attention to your vehicle, ensuring it runs smoothly!

Don’t miss out on Hyundai car service offers at Hans Hyundai! 

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