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Hans Hyundai Preferred Insurance—Everything You Should Know?

Living in India, We all know it is illegal to drive your car without an insurance is illegal, But, being a vehicle owner is always a happy experience for the owner, you feel fulfilled, substance and all the more significantly sure. Driving such a major piece of machinery which is readily available consistently feels superb till the time something turns out badly. In such cases, it can turn into an issue to recognize the issue on the street or pay hefty costs for the parts which were harmed because of their own mileage. Here is when Hyundai Extended Warranty/ Hyundai Preferred Insurance acts the hero to spare your from those concealed expenses and support to safeguard you from those sudden costs.

Having an all-inclusive protection gives you that confirmation that if something turns out badly, you can guarantee it from the organization without paying any costs. Now and again, there are sure parts in your vehicle which are intended for an actual existence time longevity yet something can occur in the middle of which blocks the life of that specific hardware and may cost a colossal add up to fix the issue

The comprehensive protection is included onto the 2 or multi-year guarantee which is given by the producer as a stock, however so as to defend your vehicle for an all-encompassing time frame, Hans Hyundai extended insurance is purchased. This spares you and your vehicle for any surprising experiences and regardless of whether there are any along these lines, those can be fixed without paying a cost. Various things are secured under the all-encompassing plan.

Hyundai preferred insurance Benefits to customers

1. Add on coverage.

2. Zero depreciation (Bumper to Bumper cover). 

3. Zero depreciation (Bumper to Bumper cover).

4. RTI (Return to Invoice).

5. Zero depreciation + Engine protect & Consumable cover. 

6. Zero depreciation + RTI .

7. Zero depreciation + RTI + Engine protect & Consumable cover.

8. No loading charges for break in cases.

9. Uniform cash-less facility across India.  No salvage deduction from claim amount. 

10. Time bound settlement of total loss and theft cases.

11. TAT based endorsement, cancellation and refund. 

12. Single window solutions for all insurance related matters.

Hans Hyundai Insurance

What All Is Included

A. Zero Depreciation Cover.

1. UNLIMITED number of claims For Policy Year.

2. Covers Depreciation of Replaced Parts under claim, customer will pay only Rs 1000 if vehicle Cubic capacity is < 1500 & Rs 2000 if vehicle Cubic capacity is > 1500

3. Zero Depreciation Coverage Up to 5 years & 10 years with Hans Hyundai Insurance.

4. Coverage of TYRE & BATTERY in case of Accident.

B. Engine Protection Cover

1. Covers Engine Damage due to water ingression & Oil leakage.

2. Available for Vehicle up to 5 Years.

C. Consumable Cover

Cover cost of Consumable items like Engine oil, Gear Box Oil, Break Oil, Distilled water,Grease,Air conditioner gas, Nuts & Bolt, Oil Filter, Bearing, Screw, Washer , clip and item of similar Nature


In case of TOTAL LOST & THEFT , customer will get BRAND NEW VEHICLE PRICE

D. Key Protection, Personal belonging & R.S.A (Road Side Assistance)

1. Unlimited number of Claims in KEY PROTECT, LOSS OF PERSONAL BELONGING & R.S.A

2. No effect on NCB in standalone claim for KEY PROTECTION, LOSS OF PERSONAL BELONGING & R.S.A


4. R.S.A ( Anywhere Assist service for Battery Jumpstart , TYRE Punctures, Emergency fuel Assistance , Minor Repair & Towing Assistance

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Hyundai Preferred Insurance

Benefit & Advantages of Hyundai Preferred Insurance

Hyundai Preferred Brings You The Best-in Class Hassle-Free Insurance & Maintenance Experience!

1.All OVER INDIA Cashless Facility at any Hyundai Dealership.

2. Instant Policy.

3. One Stop Insurance Solution.

4. Unlimited 0 depreciation claims. No need to pay any amount at the time of claim. ( Just pay Rs 1000 if vehicle Cc is < 1500, and 2000 if vehicle Cc > 1500)

5. No Salvage deduction-Customer needs not to pay for the Salvage.

6. No Loading Charges in breaking case, Rest companies take inspection charges for breaking case.

7. No Loading & Hidden Charges in Insurance.

8. No IDV Deduction-No Negotiation on IDV in Theft/Total Loss Claims, Customer get Full insured Value.

9. Manufacturer Support (ABIBL&Hyundai)

10. RAT BITE & RODENT cover in policy.

11. Fastest claim Settlement.

12. Online Payment Facility for customer.

13. Genuine parts are used during claims from Hyundai.

Therefore, Buying the Hans Hyundai Preferred Insurance is continually going to present to you numerous advantages than misfortunes, and would even verify you beforehand from the un-expected costs that could put a weight on your pocket. This is a situation of simply eating the fruit, without tallying the seeds. This will profit you in the long haul speculation and would protect your vehicle for a superior future performance. 

Thus Buying the Hans Hyundai Preferred Insurance will consistently bring you a productive and beneficial experience. Get yours Here.

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