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Hyundai Car Service Offers

Pamper Your Car With Hans Hyundai’s ‘Complete Car Care’ Offer

A well-maintained vehicle has a longer life expectancy, guaranteeing that your vehicle will serve you faithfully for many years. Similarly, having your car’s engine fine-tuned and serviced increases its performance and keeps it road-worthy for a longer period of time. Regular servicing at an authorized Service Center ensures that any potential faults with the vehicle’s technical components are addressed quickly and on time before they become full-fledged problems that may cost a fortune to fix. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. Thus, prepare your car for smooth journeys with Hans Hyundai’s ‘Complete Car Care’ Package without being late. Read further to learn about the services we offer in the above offer: 


According to studies, the interior of a vehicle is an excellent environment for bacteria to thrive. They appear undetected because they are invisible to the naked eye and live primarily on rugs, seat coverings, and beneath the seats. If they are not treated, they can become the source of ailments. Hans Hyundai Service Center uses Germkleen treatment for your car. Germkleen from 3M Car Care is the right solution for keeping car interiors entirely hygienic, clean, and 99.9% germ-free.

This foam-based product disinfects and cleans the interiors of your car, increasing its lifetime. Antimicrobial Upholstery Cleaner for fabric-covered surfaces and Antimicrobial Plastic Cleaner for plastic and vinyl surfaces make up the Germkleen procedure. This method assures that the interiors are completely germ-free.

Dry Ice:

Dry Ice Cleaning Service is a method that restores a vehicle’s state to that of when it was collected—cleaner than it was on the exhibition area floor before anyone outside the production line touched it. This procedure removes any synthetics, solvents, oils, and anything else that wasn’t present when it left the manufacturing plant. Dry Ice Blasting is completely non-abrasive and the only motive is to remove the impurities without affecting the surface. The process is safer and cleaner than other blasting methods. 

Silencer Coating:

The silencer is exposed to burnouts beneath the car, brushes against rough roads, stones, and terrains, and muddy water washes over the surfaces, resulting in rusting and oxidation of the exposed surface. Silencer Covering Treatment protects the silencer from rust and corrosion by coating it with a protective coating. It’s an anti-corrosive heat-resistant coating for exhaust systems and galvanic surfaces. This treatment reduces noise from underneath the vehicle and protects it from the elements.

Rodent Repellent:

Rodents tear down the wirings of the engine and other electrical connections resulting in improper functioning of the car. You certainly wouldn’t want your vehicle to suffer. Hence, Rodent repellent treatment at Hans Hyundai Service Center is necessary to prevent engine wiring and other electrical connections from being attacked by rodents.

Snatch this power-packed complete car care package at a steal deal price of INR 4900/* at your nearby Hans Hyundai Service Center. Call now or visit the website to schedule an appointment before the offer expires, valid till 15th March 2022. Hurry!

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