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periodic maintenance service

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Periodic Maintenance Service for Cars

Cars are an investment that depreciates over time, similar to all other machines. A car can provide years of reliable transportation when given proper maintenance. Regular maintenance helps to keep a car running efficiently over time. It can also help to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Regular car maintenance ensures that the car performs optimally. Periodic maintenance service usually includes inspections, repairs, and replacements. The technicians inspect the car and detect any issues in the car. Those issues are then repaired to ensure a safe and reliable car. 

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Need for Periodic Maintenance Service for Cars

Periodic maintenance service is essential to maintain the efficiency and safety of the cars. Without regular car service, the car may deteriorate at an accelerated speed. The car’s reliability and safety may also get compromised. Hence, regular maintenance is essential.

Scheduled servicing helps to keep the car running efficiently and prevent potential damages. It further prevents costly repairs and replacements at a later stage. It also helps in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car. 

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Common Questions to Ask about Periodic Maintenance Service 

Periodic maintenance is essential but there are a lot of questions car owners have about it. Find below the common question and answers related to periodic maintenance services. 

Q1. What is included in the periodic maintenance service? 

Periodic maintenance service of a car includes inspection and repair of various components. Regular servicing mostly covers the engine, suspension, brakes, tires, etc. 

The services generally include the following:

  • Car Scanning
  • Battery Water Top-Up
  • Wiper Fluid Replacement 
  • Car Wash
  • Rear Brake Shoe Cleaning
  • Front Brake Cleaning
  • Engine Oil Replacement 
  • Oil Filter Replacement 
  • Air Filter Replacement 
  • Fuel Filter Replacement 
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • Spark Plug Checking
  • Coolant Top-Up 
  • Brake Oil Top-Up 

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Q2. What are the warning signs that your car needs periodic maintenance service? 

Your car will start showing warning signs when it needs to be serviced. A car is a machine that suffers from general wear and tear over time. The frequency of service depends on the mode, and age of the vehicle. Find below some of the common warning signs: 

  • Warning lights illuminated on the dashboard 
  • Unusual noises while driving 
  • Unusual smells coming from the vehicle 
  • Decreased fuel efficiency 
  • Sluggish acceleration 
  • Difficulty starting the engine 
  • Uneven tire wear   
  • Excessive oil consumption 
  • Dirty or low levels of engine oil 
  • Leaking fluids 
  • Unusual vibration or shaking of the vehicle 
  • Difficulty shifting gears

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Q3. Does periodic maintenance service pay off in the long run? 

Regular car servicing does pay off in the long run. It is cost-effective since it prevents costly repairs in the future. It helps to identify any issues before they become major leading to expensive repairs or replacements. Once identified, technicians fix them early on and ensure optimal performance. 

PMS service also helps to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently which reduces fuel costs. It can also help to reduce the risk of a breakdown and avoid unnecessary costs. Hence, regular servicing benefits the car owner in the long run.


Q4. Which parts of the car most often require regular car service?  

Periodic maintenance is essential for all the parts but some parts require more frequent services. These parts directly impact the performance of the car and need to be in top condition. The parts of the car that most often require regular car service include the following: 

  • Oil and Oil Filter: Regular oil changes are essential to keeping the car running smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Air and Fuel Filters: Clean filters are necessary to ensure that the car’s engine is getting the required amount of fuel and air. 
  • Brakes: Regular brake check-ups and maintenance can help prevent brake failure and ensure working brakes. 
  • Battery: A weak battery can cause the car to not perform. 
  • Tyres: Regular tire rotations, alignment, and balancing can help the car’s tyres last longer and improve your car’s overall performance. 
  • Steering and Suspension: Regular inspection of components like steering and suspension components are important to ensure safety and reliability. 
  • Belts and Hoses: These components need to be inspected and replaced if necessary to prevent leaks and other problems. 
  • Fluids: All of the fluids in the car need to be checked and changed during PMS service to ensure that the car runs properly. 
  • Lights: Regularly checking and replacing any burned-out bulbs can help stay safe on the road. 


Q5. What happens if the car is not regularly serviced? 

If the car is not serviced regularly, it is likely to experience more frequent mechanical issues. It will lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Without regular maintenance, the car’s components may wear down faster and cause breakdowns. 

Additionally, a car that is not well-maintenance may have its warranty voided. It means all repairs or replacements will have to be covered by the owner. The manufacturer’s warranty states regular servicing as a requirement for the warranty to be valid. 

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