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The Hyundai Service Packages That You Cannot Miss

The brand-new Hyundai Car maintenance package and services packages that are available from any authorized dealer across the country. This is included for Grand i10, Eon, XCent, Elite i20, Active i20 and Verna.

There is a new Program called the Hyundai Customer Care Program (HCCP) that is a service package only for the petrol variants. It includes preventive maintenance for up to three years or 1,00,000 KM. Buyers also get a year’s extensive warranty on their existing warranty of the car. The HCCP does not cover the damages from the accident and worn out parts. This is a brand-new initiative by Hans Hyundai and you, as a customer, need to know what to ask for at the dealership.

Why should you get the service packages?                                                      

There are a few reasons why you must get your car serviced –

Safety – Servicing your vehicle will include the essential checks on its various components and parts. If your car, for example, has a problem with the braking system, servicing will help you diagnostically figure the real issue, and you can eventually get it fixed as well. Getting your car serviced regularly can bring it to a roadworthy condition, and you do not have to worry much about it.

The Right packages to save money – Choosing the right packages as Hyundai servicing packages will help you save lots of money as it will be covered under the boxes. It can get expensive for you if you have not chosen a servicing package with its benefits. Besides, servicing can keep your car in shape and preventing it from a breakdown that has its own repair expenses.

Multiple Services On-Offer

Maintaining the value and longevity – The longevity and value of your vehicle is an essential aspect because it can keep your vehicle in proper conditions and the more you service, the better you will feel in terms of being assured about the vehicle’s condition.

The service packages of Hyundai

This service package consists of benefits and services that are as follows –

1. Extended warranty on the existing warranty for one additional year.

Extended Warranty

2. Roadside assistance throughout India for one extended year

road side assistance
Road Side Assistance

3. Secured inflation with a minimum saving of 50 per cent

4. Better resale value for your car

5. 3 years maintenance up to 100,000 and the complete car maintenance

HH Care

You need to know the cars that the HCCP is applicable on and the authorized dealers of Hyundai that are selling these packages for you. This is a brand-new program, and a few more things about HCCP that you should know about are –

1. The PMS coverage in HCCP does not have wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

2. Wear and tear replacement are not included and not covered

3. Commercial vehicles and taxis cannot avail for the offer.

4. Normal Oil usage is covered; – synthetic oil will be provided on extra costs.

The Hyundai dealership program has made more customers to come and buy the packages for safety and protection of their cars to be road-ready throughout the year.

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