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Hyundai Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Running

India is a diverse country and so is its weather. The chilly winds, fog, and extreme cold can be rough on your vehicle. Among all the weathers, winter impacts the most on electric equipment and vehicles. You must have faced trouble starting your car just when you are rushing late to the office. We certainly don’t want you to go through the same again and share a few tips and tricks for maintaining your Hyundai vehicle this winter:

Check Tire Pressure

Erratic weather conditions can fluctuate your car’s tire pressure, which can lead to poor driving condition, tire damage, and lower mileage. It is recommended to keep checking the tire pressure frequently to make sure you are never stranded in the cold.

Change Tires

We know it might sound funny to you but having an alternate set of tires for winter is a good option. It helps increase your safety on slick and slippery roads in winters, and also provides more mileage.

synthetic oil

Winter can beat up your engine as well. Motor oil thickens during cold, making it harder for the engine to start. Synthetic oil is a better option as it provides good oil flow and can be used year round. We suggest changing the oil filter whenever you change the oil for maximum flow.

Check the Battery

Your car’s battery should always be filled with distilled water, it would prevent you from the trouble of starting your car in the morning. If you feel that the battery needs to be replaced, then it must be replaced before winter.

Replace the Coolant

Coolant is also known as antifreeze, it prevents the water in the radiator from freezing. Coolant needs to be replaced in cold weather conditions. There is a ratio of coolant and oil that needs to be maintained according to the weather conditions. You may refer to the owner’s manual or get it checked with an authorized car service center. 

Take your car to the Hyundai authorised service center for regular maintenance. It keeps the car always ready on the go and prevents it from any major repair. Ask the expert technicians to check your car for winter, get the battery, tire, coolant, and oil checked, make sure your brakes are in good condition and give your vehicle special attention this winter.

Getting your vehicle ready for winter isn’t only beneficial for you but for those sharing the roads with you as well.


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