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Book Brand New Hyundai Creta at Hans Hyundai

The brand new Hyundai Creta launched in India.

The Hyundai Creta is one of the most demanding cars coming up in 2020. This exclusive Hyundai Creta is the new SUV which is powered with astounding features which will give you a smooth ride. The look of this brand new car will make you swoon over its design and flexible operation. The price range of this car lies between 9.99 lakhs to 17.7 lakh. The price seems more reasonable when the entire look is considered and features are considered. This car is one of the tremendous cars launched in 2020 as it has the best features in the entire sector.


Brilliant features of Hyundai Creta.

There are a great number of features which make the exclusive Hyundai Creta more demanding. It comes with an auto healthy air purifier so that the people sitting inside it can experience the soothing gush of air. It is equipped with a wireless phone charger which will assure that the charging will never run out of your hands. It comes with a smart and fascinating electric sunroof. The best feature of this car is that it comes with a 17.8 supervision clutter with high definition display. There is a smartly organised rear camera. One of the top features includes a smart hoop of keys. MT remote engine start makes the operation of this brand new car more intriguing. It gives superb mileage ranging from 16 km to 21 km. It has a seating calibre of 5 people and is presented with BS 6 compliant with an engine of 1353 cc.


What is intriguing about the new Hyundai Creta 2020?

The all-new Hyundai Creta comes loaded with astounding features and highly appealing black colour. The exterior of this new car looks magnificent whereas the interior is lavish. BlueLink connected car technology is one of the satisfactory features and it comes equipped with 55 additional features within it. The Android auto mode of this car works excellently and is smartly organised with intelligent rear camera longing with sensors for parking. It can be moved on both petrol as well as the diesel with both manual and automatic transmission. Climate control and smart stability control options of this car are heart-winning features.


Smart Interior of Hyundai Creta.

The outer look of Hyundai Creta can make you go weak in your knees. But more importantly, the most expected is its interior. The interior parts of this car are professionally integrated and they look highly classic. It is available now with a variant of 1.4-litre turbo. The dashboard looks properly organised and is much better as compared with similar other models. It is adorned with a 10.24-inch touchscreen infotainment department. Visibility of the screen is more enhanced in this model. Panoramic sunroof dipped with good quality lighting is all one would love to have in their car. There an is a rear conditioner, widget options are modified. The seats are comfortable and properly ventilated. The safety region include six safe airbags along with ABS and EBD. This car will leave you awestruck with its powerful features

Booking are open of New Hyundai Creta. You can book your New Hyundai Creta from Hans Hyundai Showroom.

Hans Hyundai Showroom Motinagar

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