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Hyundai Car Care Guide

Cars are no more a luxury especially when Hyundai offers a wide range of cars that too at reasonable prices. If you think patiently, your car serves a lot in your daily life and thus, has become a necessity. You definitely have a lot of memories that your car has given you. To continue enjoying beautiful sights and experiences that the world offers, you need to spend a little time on your vehicle and take care of the important extension of your family.

So here we mention some tips that you should look into to make sure that your car is in optimum operating performance. Take a note of each point of the maintenance checklist and get started.


Check Frequently



Maintenance starts at home. You need to check and inspect your car by yourself on a regular basis. You just simply need to assess different components of the car that’ll help you know where you need to pay attention and what to do next.


Regular MaintenanceRegular_maintenance_hans_hyundai


Regular maintenance involves simple things to be done at home. Wash and wax your car regularly, check the interiors, check the lights, take note of seat belts and so on. Everything that needs to be checked and maintained regularly has to be given regular attention.


Know different warning light indicatorsDashboard _warning_light_hans_hyundai


Cars these days have sensors and warning indicators that’ll warn you of something amiss. You need to learn the meaning of different indicators and pay attention when the indicator lights up. Some of these indicators are engine light, service engine light, electrical fault light, brake warning light, oil warning light, coolant warning light, and ABS warning light.


Check tire pressurescheck-your-tyre-pressure-hans-hyundai


Tire pressure has an effect on comfort and handling. Hyundai mentions the appropriate tire pressure according to the car in the owner’s manual. You can check and verify that the pressure remains the same as the recommended pressure. Check the pressure weekly by using gadgets and simple tools.


Check tread depthtyre-thread-depth


Tires have tread depths that allow your car to function properly, irrespective of the weather condition. Tread patterns on your tire give you a versatile rubber grip. Good patterns and desired tread depth helps maintain amazing ground contact even in rainy seasons. So, check for tread wear indicators and get a new set if there’s a problem.


Fuel economyFuel-Efficiency_hans _hyundai


The performance of the engine is affected by a lot of things. You need to take note of fuel economy and pay attention to the changes. Make sure that your engine doesn’t work too hard. If it does, it will burn more fuel and ultimately, burn more money from your wallet. Be attentive towards the trip readings and check fuel economy using gadgets and apps.


Replace spark plugsHans_hyundai_spark_plugs


If you notice misfires by your engine from time to time, know that it’s an indicator asking you to replace the spark plug. Even lack of acceleration, high fuel consumption, engine surging, and trouble to start your vehicle are also the symptoms for the same. So, you need to replace your spark plugs on a regular basis, after every 30,000 miles that you cover. With these, you can take care of your vehicle and maintain its operating performance.


We, at Hans Hyundai, offer services for the maintenance of your car and keep up your happiness.

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