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Hyundai Roadside Assistance

Why worry when Hyundai promises to be by your side at every hour? Hyundai values its customers in the same manner as you value your investment. So, we, at Hans Hyundai, introduce a Road Side Assistance Programme to help you at your worst during a trip.

Road Side Assistance(R.S.A)

Under this Programme, Hyundai agrees to provide you emergency support all the 24 hours a day in case any mechanical or electrical breakdown takes place, or a traffic accident occurs. This initiative has been taken by Hyundai to increase the focus of HMIL on its customers. Hyundai wants their customers to enjoy an uninterrupted and pleasurable journey all over the country, and that is why this Road Side Assistance Programme was launched to provide emergency assistance services round the clockRSA_hans_Assistance

As we said, Hyundai values its customers, and so, it continues to take measures to enhance the experience of customer ownership. They don’t want their customers to suffer, and Road Side Assistance Programme is the result for the same. To make sure that their customers get immediate and hassle service every time their cars suffers an emergency breakdown, they’ve designed this round the clock service programme. Note that this Road Side Assistance Programme is available as a complimentary service for the cars that are within the basic warranty period.

The programme covers almost all services but most importantly it covers services like taxi coordination, wheel change, fuel delivery up to 5 litres, opening the vehicle in the event of a key lock-out, on-spot improvements for complaints, rectifying electrical battery problems and fuse and car towing to the nearest workshop in cases of an accident or breakdown.


Terms and Conditions

Some terms and conditions are there to avail of the programme. They are:
• Only those vehicles will be capable of availing Road Side Assistance Programme that falls
under the period of basic warranty.
• The user can ask for the service where the vehicle gives up completely and becomes
immobile. Situations, where the vehicle is moving with some problems, are not applicable by the
• Hyundai excludes the cost incurred for parts replacement unless mentioned in Hyundai warranty coverage.
• Round the clock assistance all over India, i.e., national coverage.
 Hyundai excludes the cost incurred for repairs unless mentioned in Hyundai warranty coverage.

Services Covered


Road Side Assistance Programme covers the following services:

• Fuel Related: This is the least that you want to happen during your trip. In the case of
contaminated fuel, incorrect fuel or out of fuel, this service can be availed.
• Key Related: Road Side Assistance is a solution to broken keys, lost keys or locked keys.
• Tire-Related: Spare tire replaces the tire punctures.
• Battery Related: For dead battery jump start.
• Accident /Breakdown: Immediate roadside repair for every event of breakdown or accident.
Now that you’re aware of the assistance programme avail the benefits and continue your
pleasurable trip with Hyundai.Hans_hyundai_road _side_assistance

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