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Hyundai Car

Take care of your Hyundai car to spend minimal on its servicing

Owning a car comes with many responsibilities among which its maintenance and service are the most crucial works that need to be done on a regular basis to continue the lifetime of the car. Hyundai, one of the largest car manufacturers, has now set a very good record in after-sales services. The company has strengthened to become customer-centric throughout these years and has evolved with the facility of providing the best servicing to your car be it at your place or the workshop.

Good maintenance ensures a longer durability

Servicing is purely needed to enhance the lifetime of your car. Hyundai provides servicing to your car with the best facility and affordable pricing. It provides support to its customers through a number of service-related issues like minor repairs, dry washing, changing certain vehicle parts, or any details related to your car.

Hyundai also organizes “Free Car Care Clinic” for all its esteemed customers twice in a year. It is conducted at more than 1300 Hyundai workshops across India to provide the customers with a more enjoyable car-servicing experience. You can contact any nearest Hyundai workshop to know the details of this event.

Hyundai Cars

How to reduce the car servicing cost?

You can reduce the amount spent at the time of Hyundai car servicing by the following –

  • Changing the engine oil.
  • Replacing the fuel, air, oil and cabinet filter and the spark plugs.
  • Checking the level of the refill and brake fluid.
  • Checking the brake pads and discs and if they are worn out replacement is done.
  • Checking the condition of the tires.
  • Checking for the proper operation of the lights and the wipers present and many more at very reasonable prices.

The maintenance cost basically depends on –

  • The efficiency of the fuel
  • The spare part’s cost
  • The annual insurance income
  • The service cost

Hyundai carrying its business in India for a long time has mostly localized parts which further reduces the import tax. Hyundai also has an edge over other companies in terms of the number of cars they manufacture. The servicing cost is greatly reduced and is much lesser than the others. Hyundai cars are very economical when it comes to their maintenance and service and have been very reliable and popular in terms of service costing. So trusting Hyundai for the longer durability of your vehicle would leave you with no guilt.

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