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Why to Buy Hyundai Cars: Price, Service Cost

People nowadays are always in a rush. The public transports are great, but then you have to face the inevitable traffic jams. And when you are in a hurry or running out of time, these things can make you frustrated and angry. But
when you’re using your car for transportation, there are fewer chances of wasting hours in the traffic jams.

It’s really easy for a buyer to get confused about which one to buy. Nowadays, many companies are there in the market which makes excellent cars and at an affordable price range.

So, why Hyundai? Hang tight with us as we discuss the reasons and the benefits of Hyundai Cars
and why it’s a better option while buying a new car.

Are Hyundai Cars reliable?

Hyundai Cars are reliable. At least that is what the company’s reputation tells us. But sometimes the reality doesn’t really cope up with the expectation. Isn’t it?

Well, there was a survey done by a renowned automotive diagnostic firm name CarMD, and the study result can clear all the doubts from your mind about the brand. The survey result said that Hyundai Cars are the most reliable cars you can buy. Yes! The brand topped the list. And it was CarMD’s all-new Vehicle Health Index Manufacturer and Vehicle Reliability Ranking. This ranking was made after examining both the repair frequency and cost.

There is an automobile review website named “Which”?. They conduct a survey every year where thousands of people tell them about the car they are using at the moment and how much reliable it exactly is. Based on the feedback of the current Hyundai owners, the band gets amazing ratings on that survey too.

Repairing Cost?

This is a good question now. Often, we see that the cost of repairing or servicing often is higher for some of the car brands. And that leads to costly maintenance of the cars. Hyundai Cars are in the top 10 of the list of cars with least maintenance prices. The methodology of the ranking list is based on things like visits to repair and cost per visit.

However, the maintenance cost of Hyundai Cars has been jumped to 18 percent than the last year, it’s still in the list proves how much reliable and pocket-friendly these cars are.

Hyundai Cars are great. They are reliable, affordable and their maintenance cost although jumped a whopping 18% from last year, it’s still in the list of cheapest to maintain cars. So next time you buy a car, keep the Hyundai Cars in mind.

Most Selling Hyundai Cars

  • Hyundai Grand i10: – Hyundai Grand i10 with 1.2 Kappa petrol engine, u2 1.2 CRDi Diesel engine, 5-speed manual transmission, 4-speed automatic transmission, and gear shift indicator Hyundai Grand i10 is a great car with an affordable price tag of around 4.91 to 7.25 lakhs.hans_hyundai_i10_grand


  • Hyundai i20: – Hyundai elite i20 with 1.2 Kappa dual VTVT petrol engine, 1.4 L u2 CRDi diesel engine, aerodynamic design, CVD, 5-speed manual transmission, and 6-speed manual transmission Hyundai elite i20 is a great car on around 5.43 to 9.23 lakhs.hans_hyundai_i20_elite


Hyundai always makes cars at affordable prices. But nowadays the price of the brands is going high. However, Hyundai Cars are still in the market. Hyundai’s cheapest car’s model is the Hyundai Eon. Hyundai gives great deals and amazing offers on PCP i.e. loan towards buying a car outright and leasing package.

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