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Hyundai Kona- The Electric Deal Breaker

The Famous Korean auto mobile giant is ready to set its grabs on the growing Indian Hybrid market. With the launch of all new Hyundai Kona Electric, it is going to make sure that no tables are left un-turned. With very surprising figures of 456km (ARAI Certified) on a single charge, it’s definitely going to cover miles. Hyundai is boasting it as the Hybrid SUV, which indeed it is. But, with that there are many factors to discuss about. But the question remaining the same. Do we want an electric vehicle?

Hyundai Kona is going to be a competitor for its rivals like Creta, Jeep compass and Tata harrier. But with this, the Kona does share one similar thing with the other cars which is the rare chances of seeing them on the road. Having that said, these cars have their own stance and sense of appeal and the kona un-doubtedly will stand strong amongst the all others.

Stunning Design

With the emission norms going stringent day by day and the Delhi heat keeping the same marks as the new rising engine norms. A hybrid car would be much welcomed to the tribe in order to save you from all the high rising prices of fuel and taxes. But at the end of the day, does this luxury comes at a cheaper price? And is it worth the Electric hybrid tag? Let’s find out

There are a number of things you can expect from the vehicle:

The Performance:- 

Being a Hybrid, Kona has a High power Battery pack and a extraordinary brushless electric motor. It has been categorized as the long range EV. With an electric motor you have high torque at your fingertips,. Or should I say? Electric Pedal. It generates an eye opening figure of 395Nm of torque at an instance with all raw power right on the road. It will effortlessly do the normal city and highway speeds and touches to 100kmph of speeds in a blink of your eyes. Hyundai claims to cover a standstill of 0-100 in just 9.7 seconds. 

Long Range EV

With this it even gets 3 variable driving modes to suit your desire’s, The eco, sport and power mode will tweak the motor accordingly to provide efficient drives or a jaw dropping torque on the go which will ensure a thrilling driving experience for you.

3 Driving Mode’s

Having no engine at all, the car is going to run silent on the roads in contrary to our everyday diesel and petrol engines. You will just hear the sound of wind and road noise, even which gets very well muffeled by the good quality damping material used all around the car to keep it safe and sound.

The Technology:

The Hyundai kona is a tech savvy car with all those premium features which you would expect in a car of this sort. It gets all that gizmo equipped cabin with features like.

Soft Touch Buttons With E-Brake

Heated and cooled ventilated seats, Led headlamps, Auto climate control, Driver only ac mode (To save the battery when there are no other passengers), Key less entry with a push button start and a cruise control system

Ventlated Seat’s

Not only this, you can buy the all feature loaded variant from the base model itself. Wireless charging, Led reading light’s, Front and rear armrests, 8 inches of infotainment system with android auto and car play.

8 Inch Infotainment System

It even comes witha High End Speaker System. The premium sound system from KRELL delivers stellar sound performance so you can rock it in style.

KRELL Speaker System

With other goodies like heated side view mirror, electrically adjusted ORVMS, LED HeadLamps and an auto dimming mirror. All of these features make it all classier and admirable for what all it has. These features will make your drool over for the car for what it has in its pallet to offer.

LED HeadLamp’s

Hyundai claims to that a full charge from your normal home power outlet will take around 19 hours. Yes, you heard that right 19 hours. But in the near future they are going to tie up with companies like IOCL and Allianz which will help them develop fast charging stations around the city and on fuel pumps which will charge your car in under 6 hours. The Indian model gets a 39.2Kwh of battery with 100Kwh of motor capacity.

They are even planning to set up a 100KWh Dc unit at your homes or offices. Only on the customer demand which in result has a capability to full charge your charge your car in under 1 hour.

In a nut shell, there are 3 ways to charge your car:-

50kW Dc Fast
7.2kW Ac wall box Charger 2.8kW Portable
57 minutes for 80% Charge.6 hours &10 minutes for 100% Charge.19 hours for 100% Charge.
Easy Electric Charging


The comfort in Kona is all about premium touch and feel inside the car, Hyundai being a known for its history to make bold and stunning interiors for their cars, this time as well they did not disappoint us. The kona gets a rich leather upholstery on the seats.

Enchanting Looks

Not only leather seats but heated and cooled seats to provide a comfortable drive. It even gets 10 way power adjusts on both passenger and driver seats, which did made me play a little with it. Because after all it’s an electric and it makes no harm to have a little fun around with.


The car comes with a pre-designed chassis which are pre-determined to be a hybrid car, so the batteries law low on the car floor making the cabin a little smaller. The batteries are placed under the seats which makes the sitting position a little up-right but comfortable for longer journeys.

Kona Interior
Spacious Interiors

The Cabin feels luxury with the leather bucket seats and feature loaded console. The head room is decent amount with an airy front cabin. The boot is spacious too to easily suit 2 big suit cases. But hey, A little compromise on the space is acceptable when you save so much on fuel right?


Hyundai is now offering 3 years/unlimited kilometers warranty with the Kona EV as basic standard. The battery pack going to be itself is covered as a standard by an 8 year/1,60,000km warranty for the car.

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

With this been quoted the new consumers can rest in calm and worry free about the damages for your new hybrid as mostly the maintenance would be cover by Hyundai and you just need to enjoy the drive on this new EV.

8 Year Warranty

As a conclusion. The Hyundai Kona is going to be a market breaker with it all features and class apart styling and the car is going to do wonders in the Indian car market. Now, the wait is for the car to be in the Hyundai showrooms near you, and when finally you can buy your own.

But for the time being the other Hyundai cars are also not very behind, you can Test drive them right now.  And, do check out our latest blog for Hyundai Venue.

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